Living without Violence

Living without violence


Once a week.
Starting in October.



Online on Google Meet

Living without Violence is a 20-week program is for English-speaking men in the Capitale-Nationale region who want to prevent or stop violence in their couple and family life and develop communication and conflict resolution skills. These skills include listening, speaking up, problem-solving and fair negotiation

Offered in partnership with the Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale and GAPI, the program is specifically designed to equip men with all the necessary tools to deal with their emotions.  It is 100% FREE and confidential.

Themes to be explored:

  • Understanding anger and violence in self.
  • Body and emotions: underneath anger and fear… shame, powerlessness.
  • Understanding anger in relationships: Patterns and attitudes.
  • Triggers: differentiating truths that are difficult to hear or deal with. Dealing with wounds from the past and the sensitive spots they leave behind.
  • Self-talk and the ways we shape our understanding: building up either anger or compassion.
  • Game playing: blaming, guessing, mind reading.
  • Couple: Conflict resolution.
  • Impacts of drinking problems and substance abuse.

This activity takes place as a small online group consisting of 4 to 5 men. There will be weekly 1-hour evening meetings, along with some “personal work” (videos, documents, exercices).

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For more information about our Living Without Violence, please contact Jarryd Smith by email or phone at 581-748-9893.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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