WE Mind Mental Health

A program dedicated to your mental well-being while helping you to support those around you.


More coming soon! Also check out our events calendar to see what’s going on in our community regarding mental health and well-being.  We are able to offer these activities thanks to the CHSSN, the Secrétariat à la jeunesse, and the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon.

Help and resources

Crisis care helplines

If you are in crisis and need immediate emotional support, consult a list of resources to talk with a professional about what’s on your mind.  These services are offered in English, confidentially, 24/7.

Information about mental illnesses

Find out more about mental health illnesses, disorders and diseases.

Mental health services

Find out about mental health services and supports offered within the Capitale Nationale region and public and community mental health services in the province.

Suicide Prevention

Resources to get help if you are thinking about suicide, worried about a loved one, or grieving a loss by suicide.

Tools and resources to maintain positive mental health

Find mental health resources to maintain positive mental health.  Find out about mental health programs you can do at home, support groups, apps and self-assessments.

Well-being activities

Art Therapy

A series of four art therapy sessions with an art therapist looking at fear, stress and anxiety; loss and grief; gratitude; and letting go.


Beyond Appearances: Understanding Eating Disorders

An online workshop informing about eating disorders and how to support and communicate with someone living with an eating problem.

Improve Your Snooze

An information and Q&A session with a psychologist on sleep, sleep hygiene, and sleep disorders.

Improve Your Well-being With Positive Psychology

A 5-week online course to help you thrive in your life by building on strengths in character and positive behaviours.

Living Life to the Full

A fun and interactive 4-week course to help you understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and what to do about them.

Living without Violence

Encouraging the prevention of domestic and family violence and creating a network of support around men for a society without violence.

Mental Health Week

A full week of activities focusing on mental health and well-being.

No Parent is Perfect

An online workshop with a psychoeducator to learn how to ease parental anxiety.

Overcome the Winter Blues

An information session with a psychologist all about SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Photography and Creative Writing for Youth

A series of five photography and creative writing workshops in summer by LOVE (Québec) for youth aged 14-16.

Savour More, Stress Less!

Discover a stress-free approach to nutritious eating through a presentation, Q&A session and cooking activity with a registered dietician.

Self-care Workshops

A series of two workshops focusing on your self-care: Meditation and Breathwork, and Self-Massage.

The Grief Recovery Method

An 8-week course, plus an introduction session, to discover tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life.

The Push-Up Challenge

Between February 1-23, complete 2000 push-ups to push for better mental health outcomes in Canada.

Wellness Pilates

Energize your body and boost your well-being with Pilates.

Wellness Walks

Get outside in nature and move for your mental well-being.

Wellness Yoga

Recharge, relax and restore your balance and sense of well-being through yoga.

Winds of Change Workshop

A workshop for English-speaking newcomers to help ease your transition into life in your new area of Quebec City.

Get involved

Buddy Up

A place for men, by men, promoting authentic conversations among men and their buddies.

See also our Pathfinder Network training course under our Community Wellness section.


For more information or assistance, please contact Verity Jordan, WE Mind Mental Health Program Coordinator, by email at vjordan@jhpartners.net or by phone: 418-684-5333, ext. 11932.


Please visit the website of Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s, our main public partner, to learn more about their professional health and social services for mental health

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