Partners in Care at Saint Brigid’s Home​​

Partners in Care at Saint Brigid’s Home​​

An identification system for caregivers

Caregiver identification, or ID, is a visual way to acknowledge and identify caregivers in care settings. It also does the following:

  • Offers family caregivers the freedom to choose to be identified as such and to preserve their role as a family member distinct from that of caregiver.
  • Reinforces the voluntary, free and revocable nature of their involvement.
  • Promotes the involvement of the family caregiver as a partner in care.

In no case does the identification system replace or override the status of legal representative, curator, guardian, substitute decision-maker, or first responder.

Who are caregivers?

Anyone who provides physical, psychological, or psychosocial support to a loved one with a disability.


If you have any questions about the Partners in Care initiative, please contact Anaïs Fortin-Maltais, Caregivers’ Circle coordinator, by phone at 581-446-7476 or by email.

Adapted from resources developed by the Ontario Caregiver Organization



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