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McGreevy Manor is a seniors’ apartment complex that opened in April 2010. It is designed to help seniors maintain their autonomy and independence, all in an English-speaking setting that meets their needs for security and comfort. There are thirty-nine apartments at McGreevy Manor. We are very proud of the work done by all the volunteers and community organizations involved in this project.

The suitable profile of a tenant of McGreevy Manor is a senior aged 75 and over who can maintain their own apartment and take care of their daily needs. Seniors younger than 75 may also be eligible. Some apartments are reserved for low-income seniors. Vacant apartments are filled by a Selection Committee based on an assessment of your needs.

Features and Services

There is a common room on each floor and an activity room in the basement. Each apartment has:

  • Outlets for a washer-dryer and a dishwasher;
  • A call bell for use in case of emergency.

The 3½-room layout includes:

  • Bedroom;
  • Living room with a dinette area;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom, and;
  • Balcony.

There are also some 4½-room apartments at McGreevy Manor. For rental rates, floor plans and other details, please open a slide show about McGreevy Manor (in PDF format)Power Point présentation Holland-2024.  You may also view our photo gallery below. The complex is close to many services, including public transportation, shopping and restaurants. McGreevy Manor’s tenants also benefit from very specific services available at Saint Brigid’s Home at an extra cost, namely cafeteria and hairdressing.

Please note, however, that McGreevy Manor is entirely separate from Saint Brigid’s Home. It does NOT provide faster access to enter Saint Brigid’s or to its other services. Other types of services NOT offered at McGreevy Manor include medical services, housekeeping, etc. Such services are available from a CLSC or private homecare agency. It is entirely up to each tenant to seek these types of services depending on their needs.

Waiting list

There is a waiting list of people who are interested in an apartment at McGreevy Manor. To add your name to the list of people to be considered for a future vacant apartment, please contact Ms Nectaria Skokos at 418 684-5333, ext. 12012. To express your interest in writing, please download the Registration Form- Nov 2023 (in PDF format) and send it to the address below. Please note that filling out this form does NOT guarantee that you will obtain an apartment.

Holland Community Housing Corporation
Attn: Nectaria Skokos
2000-1270, Chemin Sainte-Foy
Québec (Québec) G1S 2M4

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