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The community Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale promotes the personal and shared well-being of English speakers in the Quebec City region by offering a range of health promotion programs.

We aim to provide you with quality services and continue developing programs and activities adapted to meet the health and social services needs of the English-speaking community.

Truly a “Community of Care” in Action!

The community Wellness Centre is able to provide its range of activities also thanks to close collaboration with the non-profit organization Voice of English-speaking Québec, and with Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s, a public health and social services establishment.


and activities






and activities


Community Wellness

Activities and services of general interest at the community Wellness Centre.


Family Matters

A range of activities for parents of young children to support you and put you in touch with other English-speaking parents.


WE Mind Mental Health

A program dedicated to your mental well-being while helping you to support those around you.


Well 50+ & Caregivers

Services and actvities to help older adults and their caregivers life a healthy, full and active life. 


WE Belong Special Needs

Activities and support for children, teens and young adults with special needs, as well as for their caregivers. Safe and inclusive assisted activities encourage socialization and stimulation.


Wellness Activities at Saint Brigid’s

A wide range of social and recreational activities for residents of Saint Brigid’s Home.

We volunteer


Volunteering is an opportunity to get so much more than you give.

Our volunteer resources breathe life into our programs offered at the community Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale and into Wellness Activities at Saint Brigid’s.  As a Wellness volunteer, you will meet new people, share your experience, learn from others, and help enrich the quality of life both clients and residents alike. Let’s put your compassion to action!

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Family Matters

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Family Matters

Kick off the summer with us!

June is here and wow, doesn’t it feel great! Longer, brighter days, warmer weather, flowers blooming, picnics, playgrounds. Soon, the outdoor pools will open! I ...
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Community Wellness

Men’s Health Matters

As we head full swing into summer, I am happy to share that we’ve been busy planning the upcoming fall schedule for Well 50+ and ...
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