Wellness Activities at Saint Brigid’s

Wellness Activities held at Saint Brigid’s help ensure that the residents of the Home continue to have a strong connection to the community. The members of our Wellness team strive to craft fun and adapted activities that support and enrich the cultural and social lives of residents.


Calendar of activities

NOTICE!  Due to COVID-19, group activities at Saint Brigid’s are still suspended. There are plenty of acts of compassion taking place at Saint Brigid’s to boost the morale of residents and staff alike.  Visit our special photo gallery of compassion in action at the Home.

Our staff can help you stay in touch with your loved ones on one of our three iPads (using Skype or Facetime).  Please email saintbrigidsipad@gmail.com to ask about this service.

For future updates, including the possibility of family members once again being able to visit their loved ones at Saint Brigid’s, please visit our Coronavirus page regularly.



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