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Activities and mini-campaigns through out the year

Would you like to make new buddies and connect with other guys in the local community?  Join us in our Buddy Up campaign and take part in activities by men, for men.

Our Buddy Up events are led by local men in the community .  They promote men’s health and well-being and encourage the establishment of a supportive peer network through making connections with other men in the community.  All adult men, 18+, are welcome to participate.

Buddy Up is a men’s suicide prevention campaign by the Centre for Suicide Prevention.  It is a call to action to men, by men.  The campaign aims to drive authentic conversation amongst men as men may find connecting socially preferable to traditional forms of counselling or therapy.  We encourage you to Buddy Up to support your fellow men, recognize when a buddy may be struggling and be ready to take action when they are in need.  Through friendship and peer support, men can mutually share experiences, problem-solve in less formal settings and ultimately help prevent other men from suffering in silence.

Be a Buddy Up volunteer!

Do you have an idea for an activity that would you like to host for other guys?  Share your enthusiasm and skills with our support!  Find out more and sign up now!  You can also contact Verity by email or phone at 418-684-5333, ext. 11932 or Jarryd by email or phone at 418-570-7953.

More community things for men

If you are a Dad, please join our WE Dads Facebook group. Feel free to reach out to Jarryd Smith, a Buddy Up champion, a local dad, a fitness coach, and our WE Dads Community Animator.  You can reach Jarryd by email or phone at 418-570-7953.

Resources for men

If you or someone you know, might need some support, we know it can be really difficult for guys to reach out. For example, did you know that men have a suicide rate three times higher than women?  There is a lot of help out there though, so please take a look at all these resources:

  • If you are in a crisis or need immediate assistance, see our Crisis care helplines page.
  • If you are looking for a particular service, see our Mental health services page and look under the tab “Men”.
  • Learn what you can do to step up and offer your support to a friend by visiting buddyup.ca.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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