Weekend Activities


Usually Saturdays and Sundays, from 9:30 a.m. to noon (except special annual events).


Quebec High School, 945 avenue Belvédère, G1S 3G2

Age group

Ages 5 to 12, but we may also be able to accomodate younger children.

Children are invited to join in a variety of stimulating activities such as crafts, puppet shows, dance, exercise and games. These activities contribute to social development, creativity, language development, fine motor and gross motor skills, while providing respite to parents at the same time.

To register for this activity

Please visit the SNACS Registration and Payment page to register and pay online for this and other SNACS activities.

SNACS stands for Special Needs Activities and Community Support. The Wellness Centre (managed by Jeffery Hale Community Partners) is able to offer the SNACS Special Needs Program thanks to our partnership with Québec High School.


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