Speech Therapy Screening Clinics


Exact dates to be determined based on client demand.


In person or online.


Download the Speech therapy screening clinic brochure

Do you or others have trouble understanding your child? Do you speak more than one language at home? Does your child mix up sounds or leave out syllables? (ex. says “phant” instead of “elephant” or “led” for “red”) Is your toddler using two-word sentences? (ex.: “Me down” instead of “I want to get down.”). Small delays in speech and language abilities are easier to address at a young age.

If you have this type of concern about your child aged five and under, the Wellness Centre offers families with English-speaking children the opportunity to consult with a speech-language pathologist for a free screening session.

IMPORTANT:  We strongly suggest that parents concerned about their child’s language development attend our Is My Child on Track? workshop prior to requesting a speech therapy screening session.

To learn the date for the next Is My Child on Track? to be offered virtually, please contact Jessica Price, Interim Program Coordinator:  jprice@jhpartners.net 


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