Overcoming the blank page

Starting the new year can often feel like starting a new page in our lives.  A blank page can be overwhelming of course. We may have plenty of ideas and projects, maybe even some apprehensions, but nothing on paper. For me, a blank canvas is as inspiring as it can be intimidating. What can we do to get started on this brand new page?

Choose your palette

Keeping in mind the analogy of a blank canvas,  the first step to any masterpiece is choosing what colours make you feel joy. Therefore, to start, I invite you to identify the projects, the mindset, the events, or the moments that you feel will make your year as joyful as possible. Is it a new hobby? A new attitude? Is it something that has brought joy in the past and you would like to pursue? A great tip when starting a new art piece is to fill in the white background with a statement colour. What will be your base coat this year? Personally, I want my year to reflect gratefulness. I am grateful for my workplace, my family, my friends and my health. I want to keep that in mind all year long.

Trust the process

Moving on to the composition of the painting, there is no way of knowing where the creative process will lead you. Colours will blend, paint will dry differently, and your perspective may change along the way. Life is just as unpredictable. However, as an artist, you have the power over the tools that you use to create. Trust the process and keep in mind all the resources that you have around you. Trusted friends, family, community; everyone who revolves around you will have an impact on how you will face the unpredictable.

Diving into the new year!

If you made it this far into my analogy, I hope you have found some tips to help you overcome the blank page. On a less artistic note, please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with me for our upcoming events in 2023. Whether you are an adult 50 years of age or older, a caregiver, or both, let me know what health related subjects or questions would be of interest to you. You may have noticed two new sections to this newsletter. Both McGreevy’s Manor and Saint Brigid’s Home’s corners will give you a chance to keep track of (almost) everything going on in these two housing options for English-speaking seniors all year long.

Anaïs Fortin-Maltais, Caregivers’ Circle Program Coordinator

Lastly,  I would like to send everyone my best wishes for a soft and peaceful year. Please, feel free to reach out to me by email at afortinmaltais@jhpartners.net or by phone at 581-446-7476.

Bye for now,


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