Your wire BBQ brush can be dangerous

Millions of Canadians enjoy using their barbecue. Through repeated use, the wire brushes that many people use to clean their barbecues can lose their bristles. If ingested, these bristles can cause serious health problems.

Wire BBQ brush bristles can effectively fall into food causing esophageal or gastric injuries.

To minimize the risk of issues with your wire barbecue brush, you should:

  • regularly inspect your brush for signs of damage;
  • inspect grills and barbecued food for loose bristles;
  • regularly replace your brush to help avoid problems associated with wear; and
  • stop using your brush if bristles come loose or stick to the grill.

You are invited to report any incidents involving wire barbecue brushes to Health Canada and to the store that you purchased them from.

For more information, visit the Data Blog on Barbecue Brush Related Injuries and the Barbecue safety Web page.