You love your kids – don’t smoke around them

Image of parent holding a cigarette with a child in their arms
Give your kids a little breathing room

Smoke-Free Family is a campaign (August 26 – October 6, 2019) to raise awareness among Quebec families on the dangers of second-hand smoke, especially to the health of children and even babies during pregnancy.

Smoke-Free Family highlights the importance of taking concrete action to protect children’s health by making the home and car smoke-free zones and smoking far from kids outside.

Out of love for them

The slogan of the new communications campaign “You love your kids. Don’t smoke around them.” is a clear reminder that we shouldn’t smoke around children.

The message also focuses on the fact that parents who smoke are loving parents, and even if they are dealing with cigarette addiction, they can take action to protect their children from second-hand smoke.

Free support for parents

  • Information, advice, and useful tips to take action
  • Several myths surrounding second-hand smoke debunked
  • Resources for parents who want to quit smoking

Facebook page

  • A source of information and a forum for discussion where you can show support for the campaign

The time to quit

A Léger survey (2017) reports that the Smoke-Free Family campaign motivates 45% of parents who smoke to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and 17% of them to quit. Hence the importance of providing support resources.


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