Why do I Feel so Guilty?

Caring Circle Café: Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

Tuesday: February 28, 2 0 1 7 @ 1 0 a m


Guilt is a common emotion on the caregiving journey. It is fueled by expectations including those of the care receiver, society and our own. Although caregiver guilt is normal, there are ways to move through the guilt and lessen its burden on one’s well-being. To learn more please plan to join us on Tuesday, February 28 for a workshop led by Certified Executive and Life Coach Helen Walling as we acknowledge these valid and important emotions and learn to deal with them.

February’s Caring Circle Café will be held in room 1135 on the first floor of the Jeffery Hale pavilion from 10 am to noon. We offer free parking for this activity. For more information or to register, please contact Jan Anderson, Community Organizer 418 684-5333 ext 1539 or by email janderson@jhpartners.net 

If you are reluctant to attend because you cannot leave your loved one alone, please call us so we can find a way to assist you. This activity is made possible thanks to funding from: 




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