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Many steps are in place to ensure that you are well prepared to volunteer your time with us. Among them are an interview, awareness training, orientation, job descriptions, an annual volunteer training session, a lending library complete with resources and our training DVD, a buddy system for on-site training in certain programs and regular follow ups with our volunteer coordinator. We also like to keep you informed of upcoming, new and exciting volunteer opportunities with our Volunteer Voices e-newsletter.

The volunteer guides below have been renewed in 2016. Each guide has its own brand new quiz so that you can have fun learning, refreshing your knowledge and keeping up with our changes.  We hope that these tools help you feel more confident in your role volunteering for the Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale.

WE Volunteer Guide         Quiz This guide outlines the basics of our volunteer policies, procedures and the practical information of volunteering at the Wellness Centre.
Caring for Kids Guide        Quiz The Caring for Kids guide covers our policies and procedures specific to childcare related volunteering. It offers tips about interacting with children such as: safety and sanitation, tips for respectful childcare, how to hold a baby, how to deal with separation anxiety.
Assisting Seniors Guide        Quiz The Assisting Seniors Guide covers our policies and procedures specific to volunteering with seniors: working closely with the Home Care team, safe transfers in & out of a car, safety and sanitation, connecting with seniors, supporting a senior coping with declining abilities.

We strongly value your input as a volunteer in these programs. If you have comments, suggestions or questions you’d like to discuss about the information provided in these guides and quizzes, please feel free to share it with the Volunteer Coordinator here at abilodeau@jhpartners.net or 418-684-5333 ext. 1550 to set a time to chat.

Volunteer Training Sessions

Volunteer Training Session Clips

This videos were compiled in 2016 and contain the most up-to-date best practices from our dedicated health care professionals of the Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s hospital, community services and partners. Welcome to our Community of Care family! You will benefit most from these training videos if you are signed on for one or all of these key volunteer programs: transportation of vulnerable seniors to medical appointments, childcare in Take-A-Break, kitchen service in the Day Centre and Friendly Visits to isolated seniors.

Other online resources

Do you have a couple of minutes? That’s enough to learn the basics of CPR and how to use an AED. Performing CPR and using an AED can double a person’s chances of survival. Watch these two short videos from the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation:

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