Volunteer Appreciation Evening 2017

Every April, Jeffery Hale Community Partners celebrates national volunteer week by hosting an event in honour of the immense contribution of our volunteers who were active over the past year. Our volunteers, all 290 of them, give their precious gift of time in so many ways: providing child care at the Take-a-Break Drop In to give respite to parents, driving vulnerable seniors to medical appointments, and packing and delivering Christmas hampers to those in need.  Needless to say, their support has a huge impact on the wellbeing of our community.

Volunteers–whether they had given three hours or thirty–joined us for this pleasant gathering on the evening of Thursday, April 27, at the Jeffery Hale Hospital.  The theme of this fun and classy evening was “We think you’re TEA-rrific.”  There were TEA-rrific party favours, delicious and healthy food and beverages including, of course, tea!

Richard Walling, the Executive director of Jeffery Hale Community Partners, shared the vision for the Wellness Centre, or the WE as it is called for short.  He reminded those present that the Wellness Centre is comprised of over 25 programs that are made possible by partnerships with Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s, Voice of English-speaking Québec and the Community Learning Center at Quebec High School.

The theme continued as Amy Bilodeau, Volunteer coordinator, delivered a witty and pun-derful toast. She highlighted the ”enormi-TEA of spirit which is evidenced by your loyal-TEA to the activit-TEAs we offer. Without you, we would not be the quali-TEA organization we are today. With your input, your help, your creative-TEA, adaptabili-TEA and generosi-TEA, our programs are able to reach further than they ever have.”  Also, Dave Walsh was the lucky winner of a lovely glass teapot with his spot-on answer of 216 in our “guess the number of sugar cubes” door prize contest.

Les Barniques Photobooth, run by local bilingual entrepreneurs Jimmy and Alicia Harvey, was also a smash hit. In their mobile photo booth, volunteers posed alone or in groups for superb portraits holding custom props designed especially for the event, including the WE logo and the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign logo among many others.

All in all, the evening was a great success. For those of you who could not attend, please accept thanks from the WE team and our partners for your special contribution to our “Community of Care.”  Migh-TEA things happen when quali-TEA people like you lend a hand, big or small!

We hope you had a tea-rrific time! Here are some photos of the lovely venue and ambiance.

Here are some photos from “Les Barniques” photobooth: