Volunteer Appreciation Evening 2019

On April 25, 2019 and on May 1 volunteers were welcomed and thanked for their time at the Wellness Centre and through it’s affiliated programs at Saint Brigid’s Home as wells as the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign.  The new Wellness Center brand was unveiled along with the volunteer commitment infrographics below!

Your time given translates to something very heartwarming that we don’t often get a chance to see.  So we took the wealth of your generosity from over 14 – 25 volunteer activities and simplified it into two engaging infographics.  Now our board members and other community members can understand in a very concrete way the full impact of your work as a Wellness Centre volunteer.

Press here to view Wellness @JH in PDF.    









Press here to view Wellness @SBH in PDF. 









A few words of thanks from Amy, the Volunteer Coordinator of the Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale;

Time is short, even expensive, often missing and hard to find. Some say it has super powers. It can fly, right? Or it can stand still. It can be eternal. It can easily start a story ‘’once upon a time‘’. And it can usher in a new adventure in life ‘’it was about time!’’. To us, your time is a gift. Many don’t have the time to give, it may not be the right time for them.

That you return daily, weekly or annually to help seniors, parents & children, special needs youth and each other in the community, like clockwork, shows that with a mix of compassion and a little extra something, we all find some time to give. Those who volunteer often say that it adds a spice to life. Well, thank you for sharing it with us.  Now… it’s party thyme!

See all photos for Wellness volunteers at Jeffery Hale on our Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign Facebook


A few words from Maire-Christine, Volunteer Coordinator of Wellness activities at Saint Brigid’s home,

As you know, Saint-Brigid’s Home is a very dynamic and stimulating environment for our seniors. Our mission is not only to provide our clientele with Health services, but it is also to live in the moment with them. Even if these moments can be filled of sadness, anger, confusion, joy or happiness. We are achieving our goals because we have the most caring and loving volunteers ever! We are so privileged!

This something special, is a heritage from some that are still with us but also from the ones we have lost. In the last two years we have lost some very particular persons that showed us the way of giving without expecting anything in return…

…the Guild is a Foundation that started 50 years ago, to recruit volunteers and to finance the activity program here at Saint-Brigid’s. And these angels have been sharing their life and their TIME at the Home (this Home) since then. You are all following their path!

Read more about the evening in this QCTonline article here.

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