Volunteer Appreciation Evening 2018

Thank you BERRY much!


Thank you ever-so-much for having attended our volunteer cocktail event Thursday, April 19th.

While I looked long and hard for puns about our berry theme, I found it quite hard to pick them. But! I did come across some jokes that I think apply to your situation here! I hope you’ll bear with me.

What did one strawberry say to the other?
If you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!

So here we are, a bunch of berry sweet volunteers, jam-packed with love!  This annual gathering marks a special time for our organization to show how valued your place amoung us is as a volunteer. You help families, children, special needs youth, seniors and the community at large in your actions: and that is the work of a community of care. In a community of care, two key ingredients are needed. Professional expertise and volunteer generosity and this is where we make berry important change in our community. We give you support as you go forth visiting and assisting seniors, caring and interacting with kids, giving your all at community events and pouring your heart into our beloved Hamper Campaign. We’re lucky that you picked us to work with.

And that being said, we’re hoping to pick your brain. You may have noticed our flyers around the centre, inviting you to share your input in our survey. If you can take a moment of your time to fill it in,that would be berry sweet of you.

Although the words `thank you’ feel very small when I say them today to express how much your time makes a difference, even so; thank you, very, berry, much.

Not a volunteer? What are you waiting for? Get to know us, and apply here.