Vaccines: essential allies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Did you know that vaccines can eliminate disease and outbreaks from a region, such as measles, rubella or polio, when enough of us get vaccinated?

Community immunity is important to stop a disease from spreading to others. The more people are vaccinated, the lower the chance of a disease outbreak. For a highly contagious disease like measles, at least 95% of people need to be immunized for community immunity to work. Community immunity protects those who can’t receive vaccines, like infants and people with weakened immune systems. Vaccination is also important for adults, especially for travelers and adults 65 years and over.

Do you have a question about vaccines? With so much information available about vaccines it can be difficult to know which information is correct and can be trusted.

Get the facts on vaccine safety and vaccine side effects for children and adults by visiting


Also, watch and share the videos of:

  • Laurie, who had measles when she was 12 and still suffers from complications from the disease.
  • Charlotte, who relies on community immunity to keep her safe from serious vaccine preventable diseases. 

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