Updates and announcements for volunteering this Fall

September is already upon us and it’s time to share what’s up for volunteers of the Wellness Centre this fall.

Gatherings indoors remain restricted, so our doors at 1270 chemin Sainte-Foy remain closed. But don’t fret! We have plenty of virtual workshops and activities up and running for families with young children, special needs youth, and for seniors and their caregivers. We are continuing the virtual format of our programming to protect the most vulnerable members of the community that we serve. Be sure to check them out in our online calendar.

Meanwhile, our volunteering has been streamlined into the temporary COVID-19 Response Efforts since April and will remain so with for the time being. As we await new measures from our partners in the public health domain for their recommendations as to our gradual reopening, we will stay in touch with you to share our volunteer needs as they emerge.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Whether you’re actively committed to our temporary COVID-19 Response Efforts or patiently waiting for this pandemic to blow over to join us again, we truly appreciate your Community of Care spirit.  Although most of the volunteering as you know it at the Wellness Centre is on pause, volunteering remains a collective deed of solidarity and compassion that can be exercised in the simple act of following protective measures to stop the spread of the virus in the community.

Therefore, please do not think that staying safe at home is not in itself a form of engagement and caring for the community’s most vulnerable – it is!  Wearing your mask, washing your hands properly and often, and keeping a physical distance from others is crucial both now and in coming months as we head into the flu season. Keep up the great work!

As the situation evolves, we are constantly reviewing best practices set forth by the provincial government, by local public health authorities, and by our partners in the health system. We’re happy to report that Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s, a health establishment beloved by our community and our key partner, is doing just fine, and we aim to help keep it that way!  The Wellness team will continue adapting our programs and services to meet the community’s needs in creative ways that also respect ongoing COVID-19 preventive measures. We continue to put thought, care and concern into volunteer roles and their reorganization in the face of COVID-19 because we so dearly value your place and safety within the organization.  So thank you for sticking with us.

On a happy and important note…

While I have sorely missed seeing your faces at the Centre, it may be a while still before we can meet again as the year ahead is taking me on a new adventure! My husband and I are excited to be greeting a tiny new addition to our family this November.  As I head out on this new mommy-venture, I am very happy to introduce you to Jessica Price who will be warming the seat of Volunteer Coordinator for the coming year.  I am confident that Jessica will carry forth all of your wonderful contributions to our Centre with all the caring and openness you have come to count on.

I look forward to working with you until my maternity leave begins in October, and then again upon my return in the fall of 2021.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your ongoing confidence in our Wellness Centre volunteer program.

four hands holding baby shoes
WE wish all the best to Amy for a wonderful maternity leave!

Take care!


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