The virtues of Christmas

Hello everyone!  Welcome, December!

Another year is coming to an end, and we are on the brink of greeting 2022. I know that many of us have been living through some very tough times over the past year. With the Christmas season upon us, it is a great time to show yourself come compassion. Give yourself the credit you deserve for waking up everyday and moving forward, despite the difficulties you face.  Christmas is also a wonderful time to experience the virtues of hope and generosity. Despite our hardships, we can all agree that the gift of hope is given to us all.

Hope. It is a powerful thing that makes the impossible feel possible. It allows us to see past hardships and difficulties we experience. Hope that today, we can choose to be the person we want to be. How to foster hope? By helping and giving to others.

Generosity. Many, of us have become programmed to believe that giving gifts wrapped in pretty boxes with bows on top is what Christmas is all about. I have come to understand that giving from the heart is what makes life beautiful. Giving without the expectation to receive. Every day that we are here is a beautiful day filled with opportunities to pass along joy, love, and compassion. Merely giving your time and attention to those around you in itself is a gift.  The simple act of listening with compassion to someone in need creates threads of hope. Small acts of kindness and giving have impacts that cannot be measured.

Give the gift of hope

By contributing to causes that help our fellow humans is how we keep hope alive. What better way to express hope through giving to those who need it most?  You too can help foster hope by donating to the 26th Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, now well underway. This annual Campaign is such an amazing example of our English-speaking community’s “Community of Care” in action, to which we are all so fortunate to belong.  Please give to the Campaign if you haven’t already.  If you have, as the slogan goes, thank you for helping deliver some goodness!

Claire Quenville, Coordinator, Well 50+ & Caregivers’ Circle Programs

Wishing you all hope for a joyous holidays season and a prosperous 2022!



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