The quiet before the winter

As the last of the leaves fall and nature gets ready for winter, I always feel like there is a quiet that falls over everything this time of year much like the quiet before a storm. It won’t officially be winter until the winter solstice in December, but we can already see animals and nature getting ready. Us too! Now is the time to get out your winter mittens and toques (if you haven’t already) and don’t forget the winter tires on your car. Snow can come at any time now.

As we transition towards colder and darker days, the lack of sunshine can affect our energy levels and mood. Looking for that extra boost of energy? Sometimes just talking to someone else who may be feeling the same way can can help. We have many things coming up that would be great opportunities to connect with someone else or learn something new.

Parenting can be a challenge for everyone at times

First off, be sure to reserve your tickets for our exciting Workshop & tapas event: Parenting in Challenging Times. This event is filling up quickly so be sure to get your ticket! Guest speaker Dr. Tarabulsy, renowned psychology professor and father himself, will address some of the old, not-so-old, and new issues surrounding parenting. He will focus on the fact that, while some aspects of parenting never change, the core aspects of parenting may take on different forms when faced with pressures that may come from outside the family and the social context that surrounds it.  Please join us for tapas at 6:30pm before the presentation which starts at 7:00 p.m.

If you are interested in a weekly, virtual connection with other parents, be sure to connect with the weekly Getting Through it Together chats. EPIQ volunteers host this weekly session for parents to be heard, feel connected and sometimes have a laugh.

Take a look at our fall programming

We have a great line up for you this fall, from our Baby Chat Café and Café au Lait Crew, to the Take-a-Break Drop In, to parenting workshops, and much fun for you and your family.

Guys raising kids in Québec City,  join Jarryd Smith, our WE Dads Community Animator for our Indoor soccer extravaganza on Saturday, November 19.  It is sure to be a fun morning that will get everyone moving.  We are are also looking for dads in the community to join our WE Dads Movember team and support men’s health.

In closing, save the date of December 10 for our Holiday Run Around event (more details to come soon!). As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for details on any of our programming, and check our events calendar often for the full schedule.

Jessica Price, Family Matters Program Coordinator

Wishing you all the best,






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