Telephone Check-in program needs your help!

Telephone Check in

“Hello, Mrs. Konabree? This is Anna, a Wellness Centre volunteer checking in with you. How are you?”

“Good morning, Anna. I am well, thank you!”

“Great! Did you remember to take your prescribed medications today?”

“Oh yes! I was about to forget, thank you for reminding me.”

“I will check in tomorrow, same time. Have a nice day Mrs. Konabree!”



Start a senior’s day with a smile by being a telephone check-in volunteer!

Many of the Jeffery Hale Community Service’s older clients live alone and are insecure about their health or safety. These short calls every morning are reassuring – if they do not answer the phone, we send someone to check on them.You play a very important role ensuring their well-being and you can volunteer from your own home!

We need a caller to check-in on 6 autonomous seniors living at home from 8:45- 9:45 am on Wednesday – Thursday – Friday.

To volunteer for this opportunity, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at . If you are new to volunteering with the Wellness Centre, please fill out the application form here.