February is Heart Health Month

The give in caregiver can consumes us. The needs of the otherscan easily  overshadow our own needs. It is vital to remember that your  needs are terribly important. Me time becomes a luxury you can’t afford to do without.  Caregivers can easly forget that fun physical activity is such an important part of wellness.  The good news is that there are easy ways to squeeze in and reap the benefits of exercise to increase your strength and help you and your heart stay healthy. February is heart health month and a great occasion to  find new ways to weave enjoyable activity into your life. 

Walking is a great stress reliever. Why not make a date with yourself to take a daily walk? Getting outside for even ten minutes a day can be a great way to enjoy much-needed alone time that will  help to clear your head. Recharge your batteries with a little fresh air. 

When winter weather forces you to look for indoors exercise find an activity that can be done in the comfort of your home or office.  Many online exercise videos only take a few minutes but will give you a boost of energy and wellness that can last all day. 

Here are a few examples of  free online mini-workouts  to help get you started:

Yoga stretches for beginners– 10 minutes

Beginner weight training routine (use water bottles if you dont have dumb bells) – 15 minutes       

Chairwork outs for beginners – 17 minutes 

Desk Exercises – 20 minutes

Remember February is heart health month …  take care of  yours!