Suicide Prevention Week – February 3-9, 2019

Semaine nationale de prévention du suicide

The 29th edition of Suicide Prevention Week focuses on a critical component of prevention: speaking up. To reduce suicide rates, it is important to open up both a one‑on‑one and a collective dialogue on the topic. Since suicide already receives extensive media coverage and features prominently in fiction and on social networks, the Association québecoise de prevention du suicide believes that it is important to answer the questions that many Quebecers have and offer guidance on how to talk about it.

Whether it is to express distress or find comfort, or ask a loved one who is not doing well if there is any way you can help them and if they are thinking about suicide, or whether it is to raise awareness in the community, there are words you can use to talk about suicide in a preventive and safe way. There are also ways to learn how to listen. Thus, speaking up not only has many benefits, but also makes for a stronger safety net.

There are many things you can do, including speaking up and communicating:

  • Visit for a wealth of information, discussion strategies and resources.
  • Have the courage to talk about suicide and suicide prevention with your loved ones, in your workplace and recreational activities.
  • Invite employers to take an interest in mental health and suicide prevention and encourage them to implement concrete measures such as an employee assistance program or a gatekeeper network.
  • Look for signs of distress in your loved ones and colleagues and do not hesitate to lend an ear and your support.
  • Encourage people to ask for help and publicize the resources available in your area.
  • Share prevention messages and contact information for help resources, especially on social media, during Suicide Prevention Week or other similar events.
  • Declare that our society must do whatever it can to prevent suicide by signing the Déclaration pour la prevention du suicide (Suicide Prevention Declaration), as did over 50,000 people in Quebec.

Suicide prevention week  Suicide prevention week