Staying Committed to Stopping the Virus

Dear Caregivers,

St-Jean wasn’t celebrated with the usual festivity and I expect Canada Day won’t be either. Despite the new “not-so-normal” that we’re still learning to navigate, we’re finding ways to experience happiness and show we care everyday.

Public health authorities are continuing to warn us we still need to keep our distances, wear our masks when we cannot do so, and wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands! Physical distancing not only protects you from catching the virus but it helps prevent the most vulnerable among us from getting infected. All these measures combined also help slow down the chance of COVID-19 mutating… Ne lâche pas, mes amies!

Thankfully, we can now visit loved ones in long-term care, get together with friends and family, go to church and, soon, we may be even able to watch hockey this summer! One never knows what 2020 will bring! Ironically, the pandemic has brought people closer in new ways. The CHEER for Saint Brigid’s Home event that took place on Friday, June 26, was one poignant example.

The friends and family members of residents joined together (6 feet apart) to raise their voices in a hearty round of cheering. A few tears were also shed as we applauded those living inside who had been held captive by a virus for so many weeks and the dedicated and courageous staff members who supported them. The cheer was also for caregivers and volunteers who are now allowed to bring our famous community spirit back inside this beloved institution (albeit with strict safety measures still in place for all visitors).







See other photos of Compassion in Action at Saint Brigid’s!  Thank you one and all for standing strong and for continuing to stay committed to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Bonne St-Jean! Happy Canada Day! And have a great summer, COVID-19-style!

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer


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