THURSDAY, May 23, 7:00 p.m.
Talk on Sleep & Mental Health: by Dr. Meagan Daley, PhD, Psychologist
Where: Cegep St. Lawrence’s iA Financial Group auditorium, 790 Avenue Nérée-Tremblay, G1V 4K2.
Cost: $Free, AND free parking
Meagan can be consulted at the Clinique de psychologie et d’Insomnie here in Quebec City.

Sleep Apps discussed during talk: , Mindshift  , Headspace , Relax Melodies

A word from Meagan…

“WHO STOLE MY SLEEP?!”  “I used to sleep so well!”  “I just feel I never get into a deep sleep.” ‘I’m constantly tired” “I get into bed and then the thoughts just come flooding in!” “I’m worried I’ll never sleep well again!”

Does this sound familiar to you?  If it does, you are like about a third of the population that has occasional sleep problems and about 12% of the population who has these complaints chronically.

As you may have experienced, regular difficulties falling asleep or maintaining sleep for an adequate period of time may lead to fatigue or drowsiness during the day, irritability, concentration problems, headaches and various types of accidents.  Overall quality of life may be seriously affected and we may even see an increased risk of developing other mental health disorders, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse.

The total cost of insomnia for Quebec society is estimated at $ 6.6 billion annually! About 75% of this amount is associated with absenteeism and decreases in productivity at work.  Despite this burden, insomnia remains under-diagnosed and under-treated, due in part to multiple barriers that hinder effective treatments.

But sleep doesn’t need to be mysterious and problematic.  Understanding your sleep patterns and difficulties is the first step to finding solutions.  Come learn about sleep basics, insomnia causes, and…. most importantly…. solutions!


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