School Readiness: A top parental concern in these unusual times 

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School readiness starts long before your child sets foot in kindergarten. Learning begins at birth. Before your child turns three they have already begun laying the foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Making the most of early learning moments can be the difference between a shaky beginning and a strong start at school. The Wellness Centre is here to support early learning in babies and toddlers. Our regular activities Baby Chat Café, Take-a-Break Drop In and Travellin’ Toddler Time offer families the chance to learn more about communicating with baby, encourage a love for  language, reading and numeracy in toddlers, as well as fun opportunities to help kids grow their motor skills.

We also offer free workshops to support families on their journey including our Is My Child On Track? sessions given by English-speaking speech pathologists and accompanied by Speech Therapy Screening when appropriate.  Our Get Ready for Kindergarten annual sessions also help families make the leap into school.

Starting this fall, we’ve added some new online sessions to our School Readiness line-up. We invite you to join us on October 15 for an evening with occupational therapist, Pascale Lemaire to learn more about the importance of fine motor skill development and the role it plays in school readiness in a new workshop called Enhancing Motor Skills for Elementary School Success. 

Later in November, we will host another free online session: Keys to a Positive Elementary School Experience for parents with children in school (K to 3rd grade). Teacher Liam Jones will provide tips to help you support your child as you navigate Quebec’s educational system together.

In the New Year, our School Readiness sessions will continue with ADHD in Children: What Parents Need to Know scheduled for January 26, 2021. Get Ready for Kindergarten sessions will also return, and look for another new initiative to help kids and parents prepare for the leap to high school. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime enjoy the last few lazy days of summer before we head back to the fall routine.

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Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

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