Moms’ Nite-out about to become EPIQ!

Moms’ Nite-out  will soon be undergoing a name change! A recent Wellness Centre  focus group and online evaluation completed by our parents  indicated that it’s time for a new more inclusive group name  going forward.  Moms Nite-out (MNO) has traditionally been a group for local English-speaking moms with preschool children. Each year a number of moms volunteer together with the support of Jeffery Hale Community Partners and  organize a variety of fun activities.  Some events are for moms only, some  for couples and there always a few events designed  for whole family. A Doodle allowed members of the Moms’ Nite-out (Qc) Facebook group to suggest and vote for  a new name that would make dads feel welcome as well.  EPIQ (English-speaking Parents of Quebec City) proved to be the most popular name and so we will begin the change-over in the weeks to come.

This year for the first time ever dads will be invited to join the moms for the annual  pizza party planning session to take place at the end of the summer.

Together we hope to plan a fun line-up of events for the coming season. Everyone wishing to take part in this year’s EPIQ pizza party/planning session is asked to send an email to Jan Anderson, Community Organizer to confirm their interest: