Recognizing and honouring the work of caregivers all year round

National Caregivers’ week is feted annually during the first week of November across our province. The contribution that caregivers make to our society, however, should be celebrated 365 days a year!

Family caregivers, like yourselves, provide love, support and practical care around the clock and often at great personal expense. The first wave of this pandemic highlighted in ways never seen before how much your presence means to our elders. Apathy, weight loss, depression, muscle mass and cognitive loss were just some of the results noted when caregivers were locked out of seniors’ lives due to visitor restrictions implemented in CHSLDs and assisted living centres.

You matter deeply to those you care for and you know best how to raise their spirits. As a society, we owe you an essential thank you for all the unpaid work you do!

This year L’APPUI, which funds of many of the Wellness Centre’s programs for caregivers, created a number of videos showing the various facets of caregiving in Quebec.  L’APPUI, along with the organizations it sponsors, will continue to be there in the years to come to ensure that Quebec’s caregivers are recognized, heard and remain a priority. The Wellness Centre is also here to support English-speaking caregivers. We proudly take this opportunity to highlight your remarkable work and to express our deep gratitude to your daily contributions that make our world a kinder place.

We invite all our readers to watch this heartwarming tribute to caregivers video by L’APPUI. Be sure keep your tissues handy; it’s guaranteed to warm your heart.

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Thank you, merci!



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