Compassion in Action at Saint Brigid’s Home

Lots of great things are happening to encourage residents and staff!

In the face of COVID-19 and all the challenges it presents for assuring the health and safety of everyone at Saint Brigid’s Home, lots of acts of compassion are taking place there to boost the morale of residents and staff alike.

Remember, our staff can help you stay in touch with your loved ones on one of our three iPads (using Skype or Facetime).  Please email to ask about this service.

Click on each picture in the photo gallery below to learn more about some of these wonderful initiatives. Thanks to Marie-Christine Beaulieu, Marie-France Robitaille, and William Provencher for all these fantastic images! To see what is going on at the Jeffery Hale, please visit a special page that the JHSB Friends’ Foundation has set up on their CanadaHelps online fundraising platform.

A Community of Care

All of these related organizations are working together to find ways to make such wonderful things happen at Saint Brigid’s:

  • Jeffery Hale Community Partners, through the Wellness Activities we provide at Saint Brigid’s
  • Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s
  • Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Friends’ Foundation
  • Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Users’ Committee
  • Saint Brigid’s Guild
  • Saint Brigid’s Residents’ Committee

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