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Driving or taking the bus may be difficult for older adults, and having a lower income may make taking taxis a luxury. With two working days notice, we will do our best to find you a reliable volunteer to take you to medical appointments. Our volunteers can also help with grocery shopping and errands.

We’re going your way

At Jeffery Hale Community Services, our main goal is to help you stay independent in your own home as long as possible. Getting out can be a big concern for older adults, especially in the winter. We can help. Taking the city bus may be hard for you or even impossible. Maybe you no longer own a car, or you never did. Having a lower revenue may make taxis a luxury you cannot afford.

Groceries and errands

The sights, sounds, and long aisles of a grocery store can be a huge challenge for some older adults. You may also find it hard to run errands such as to the bank, hardware store or post office. One of our volunteers can offer you a ride and a steady arm to hold. He or she can also take your list and go for you.

Mobile library

Finding it hard to get to the library? Then let the library come to you. Jeffery Hale is proud to work with the Library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec to bring you a Mobile Library service. Once a month, their volunteers pick up books and deliver them to your door. The Library has an excellent selection, including many recent best sellers. You choose books from lists that are sent to you on a regular basis. While delivery is free, there is an annual fee to join the Library. A six-month trial membership is also available. If you cannot afford either fee, please let us know; we may be able to help. For more details about the Mobile Library, please call the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec at 694-9147 or visit their website at

Medical appointments

If you need a ride to a medical, dental or other important appointments, our volunteers may be willing and able to help. Please call as far ahead of time as possible. Two working days is the minimum notice required.

Important note

The services listed in this leaflet depend entirely on volunteers. Therefore, it is not possible for us to guarantee that a volunteer will be available. We will do our best to find a volunteer to help you. The more notice you can give us, the better. Two working days is the minimum notice required.

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