Perinatal Bereavement

The Wellness Centre has recently formed a partnership with Les Perséides. Members of their compassionate team are now offering a support service in English to those in our community experiencing perinatal loss.

What is perinatal bereavement?

The definition of perinatal bereavement includes infertility in the period before conception, fetal death during pregnancy (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination of pregnancy and stillbirth), and infant death in the first year of life (death neonatal or post-neonatal).  Les Perséides supports families with compassion in a broader perspective of perinatal bereavement including ALL losses, sufferings or situations requiring an interior healing and a work of mourning in connection with pregnancy, birth or parenthood.  Read our page about how to help someone experiencing perinatal bereavement.

Services available for perinatal bereavement

  • Personalized support
    • Support to parents and peer support activities.
    • Support for the families of those directly affected by perinatal bereavement.
    • Referrals to other services to help, when needed.
    • No matter the moment of your loss, Les Perséides is available, free of charge, for personalized listening, follow-up and support.
  • Support & loss notebook in English and several other great resources and tools in French through the Perséides website.
  • Support group sessions
      • Currently offered in French through Les Perséides, and hopefully soon also available in English.
  • New volunteer services through Uniting in Grief, a new perinatal grief support program
    •  Now recruiting volunteers: If you have gone through a perinatal loss, please let us know if you would be interested in helping support others.  To volunteer, please fill out the online form: I want to become an accompanying parent.
    • If you have experienced a perinatal loss and would like to be paired up with a parent, please fill out the online form: I want to be paired with a parent.

About Les Perséides

The mission of Les Perséides is to support people affected by perinatal bereavement in the Great Quebec City region and to make the community aware of this reality.  Les Perséides values openness, respect for each person’s experience and pace, listening, discretion and sharing.

Uniting in Grief

Les Perséides can help you navigate this difficult event and find the right resources and support for you.  Feel free to contact Les Perséides for free, personalized support or for information about the Uniting in Grief volunteer program.

You can reach them by email, or by phone: 418-948-1615.

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