The vaccination passport and our activities

The vaccination passport has been in effect across the province of Quebec since this past September 1st. Based on current instructions from the provincial government and public health authorities, we would like to tell you about the main impacts of the vaccination passport on our organization.

To date, the vaccination passport has not applied to activities that fall within the mission of community organizations like ours. We will not, therefore, refuse anyone access to the important activities and services that we provide based on their vaccination choice.

This means that we plan to open most of our regular activities without requiring any of our clients to show their vaccination passport, but other preventive measures will apply. Depending on the type of activity and where it takes place, however, the measures may differ than those listed below.  For example, we may require the vaccination passport at an activity that is purely social (not essential) such as some of our EPIQ activities that take place at the Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale Pavilion.

Preventive measures

Because we are located in a health establishment and we work side-by-side with employees of the health and social services system, we require our staff and volunteers to be vaccinated.  Therefore, we make sure that they have registered their proof of vaccination with us before they can enter the Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale pavilion and Saint Brigid’s Home.

Also, we will enforce the following preventive public health measures to limit the risk of spreading the virus:

  • Stay home if you do not feel well
  • Register in advance for certain activities
  • Wear a procedural mask at all times
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces after each use
  • Practice frequent hand hygiene

NOTES: For activities that take place within the other spaces of our partner organizations, such as Saint Brigid’s Home, additional measures may apply there too.  Also, the above information may change as the virus evolves and according to updates from local public health authorities.

You can find all of the above measures and more on the website of the Quebec government website:

Employees and volunteers may also refer to the measures stipulated by the CNESST:

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