Processing grief in these unusual times

Many of our readers have lost a loved one during this pandemic period. It is a hard time to be grieving. Funerals and memorial services  had to be delayed. Public health regulations and travel restrictions often prevented family members from grieving together or even being able to see their loved one before they passed on. COVID-19 disrupted even ordinary, everyday displays of sympathy: hugs, casserole drop-offs and just being there. Grieving isn’t easy at the best of times and we can all agree these aren’t the best of times.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grieving is an individual process and we all have our own ways of getting through it. To learn more about grief and life losses, I invite you to attend September’s Caregiver’s Café taking place on September 23, 2020 Our caregivers’ services are here to help accompany you on all aspects of your  caregiving journey including the mourning process.

The community Wellness Centre has applied for and received special funding from L’APPUI-CN to offer a series of Art Therapy sessions for Grieving Caregivers to start this fall. These virtual  sessions are offered free-of-charge and art materials will be delivered to your door in a contact-free fashion. No artistic ability is needed. The process is much more important than the final art product. Participants will be gently guided by certified art therapist, Sophie Lessard-Latendresse. Art therapy is a remarkable resource for those who are grieving. To register or learn more about this innovative program, please click here:

If you know someone who is grieving at this time, please pass this information along. Sharing is caring!  Enjoy the rest of your summer – covid-style!

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Stay safe and be well my friends,


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