Practicing Mindfulness

Caring Circle Café: 

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Theme: Practicing Mindfulness

  • Do you feel like you’re running on auto-pilot much of the time?
  • Are you easily distracted from what you’re doing?
  • Do you find it hard to focus?


If so, come learn more about the health benefits of living in the present moment with social worker Connie Dubé. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and enjoy some relaxation exercises that will train your body to breathe and your mind to stop racing.

This session begins at 10 AM in room 1135 on the main floor of the Jeffery Hale Pavilion (1270 chemin Ste-Foy). Light refreshments will be served. 

This activity is free and so is parking in the hospital parking lot. Participants are asked to call 418 684-5333, Ext 1539 to register. 

If you are reluctant to attend because you cannot leave your loved one alone, please call us so we can find a way to assist you.

This activity is made possible thanks to funding from
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