People need people!

People need people! Nothing has made this more evident than ten weeks of physical distancing and sheltering at home. The community Wellness Centre is constantly adapting our programming to keep local English-speaking families connected and informed despite this pandemic.

Our organization continues to thrive thanks to your involvement and volunteer power. Last week, a team of dedicated EPIQ parent volunteers planned a summer season of virtual activities to help you stay in touch with each other. Don’t miss our fun EPIQ online summer line-up.  Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for all the specifics. Take part in the Virtual Whine Down this Friday evening or our EPIQ online Sew a Mask Get Together on June 10th.

We also want to encourage first time parents and households new to our services or region to link with supportive English-speaking families in their neighbourhoods. We’re creating  a new initiative to help you to reach out and make those important connections with one another. Normally, such connections happen naturally at our Family Matters events but our current situation is making this more difficult. We don’t want anyone to feel isolated or alone.

We’re encouraging parents who have used our programs and want to lend a listening ear to reach out to other parents who may be new to our programs or new to parenthood. In the weeks ahead, on our FB page and in our Family Matters e-letter, we will introduce moms and dads who have offered to connect with those new to our city, to our services or to parenthood. This peer support section will be called Caring Parents.  You may offer support to another parent, while at the same time receiving support from parents who are farther along the parenting journey than you are at this stage. There’s no reason you can’t do both! The main idea is to help other parents make these important connections.

Please email me at if you’d like to take part in this initiative. I will happily guide you through the process. Support can happen over the phone, by video-call or by messenger.  It may be as simple as explaining the cheapest place to buy diapers or as complex as how do I get my baby to sleep through the night! (Btw we all want to know if you’ve figured  that out!)

Parents wanting to connect can then contact the Caring Parent of their choice based on neighbourhoods, areas of interest or age of children.  We welcome both moms and dads to join this initiative as well as new parents, experienced  parents and everyone in between.

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Don’t be shy… because it’s true, people need people!

Take care,


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