Enjoy nature as it comes into bloom

As we head into May, and nature is waking up after a long slumber, there are so many things to look forward to.  I don’t know about you but I almost jump up and down for joy this time of year, as more and more of my yard is once again free from snow.  My kids are just as excited to reacquaint themselves with their outdoor toys all over again. Before you know it, we will be pulling out our sunhats and sunscreen!

“No Mow May” and feed the bees!

Let’s not be too quick, though, to rake those leaves or mow the lawn. Did you know that many creatures, butterflies or bees are still slumbering or nesting?  Do your part to help them by taking part in “No Mow May,” a conservation initiative that began in the United Kingdom and is gaining in popularity on our continent.  The goal of “No Mow May” is to allow grass to grow uncut or unmown during the month of May and feed early pollinators in turn.  For the first time, Quebec City is also participating this year in the Mois de mai sans tondeuse and is inviting you to do the same.

One of our family’s projects this year is to make our yard more butterfly and bee-friendly. It could be a great activity to do with your little ones!  Check out some of these great tips from the Nature Conservancy of Canada on plants that can help save bees and other tips to bring bees back to your garden.   

Parent and Tot Walks and Park Playdates

As we leave our grass alone to let nature to sleep in a little longer, why not get out and join us for our Parent and Tot Walks?  We have two scheduled in May, one at the May 6 at the Domaine des Maizerets and the other at the lakeside park of Lac St-Augustin on May 20.

In addition, Park Playdates are also a great way to get together with other English-speaking parents and caregivers of children of all ages outdoors this summer. Hosted by parent volunteers, these free events take place in different parks around the city on Friday mornings from May to September.  Why not host your own playdate at the park of your choice?  We are seeking parents like you who can lend a hand, so please reach out to me by email (jprice@jhpartners.net) if you would be willing to be a host on a playdate or two.

Supporting dads in our community

You might recall from my last newsletter that we had posted a job for our new WE Dads Coordinator position. Well, we found him!  Please allow me to introduce Jarryd Smith who will be our part-time Community Animator for our WE Dads program.  Many of you may already know Jarryd, a local dad and fitness coach, but also the person who also ran our Dadventures program before the pandemic broke out. We are thrilled to have Jarryd back on our team!  Stay tuned for more exciting things to come for English-speaking dads in our community. See Jarryd and his beautiful family to the right.

What’s coming in 2022-2023?

Is there something that you would like to see in our programming for 2022-2023? If so, please let me know! I am planning activities for the year to come and am always interested in topics of that may be of interest to you as an English-speaking parent in our community. Again, please don’t be shy to reach out.

Wishing you a warm and sunny spring, 




Jessica Price, Family Matters Program Coordinator



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