Spring Wardrobe Swap – Don’t Miss It!

Have you been tidying up with Marie Kondo? Come find more joy in your life at the MNO  Spring Wardrobe Swap 

Friday, June 7 from  7  to  9 pm –  in the Coin soleil   on the second  floor of the Jeffery Hale Hosptial (1250 ch. Ste-Foy G1S 2M4)

Come and join our fantastic clothing swap and see what you can pick up and swap!  Any clothes including kids clothing, accessories and shoes are welcome!  The idea is to bring the stuff you don’t wear any more, and enjoy ”shopping”around to see what you can find that’s new-to-you.  It’s also fun to try on lots of different types of clothing! Or, come along for a chat. Bring your water bottle.  Any questions: please contact Elise Holloway elise_holloway@hotmail.com or Leanne Hanna  leannebbhanna@gmail.com

Free parking is available in the Jeffery Hale lot for this activity. Come enjoy each others company and come away with a new look and more space in your closet. Anything left over will be donated to a local clothing bank.

PS Invite as many friends as you like so we have a large variety  of sizes!! Expectant moms welcome too – so bring your maternity clothes if you arent planning on having  any more babies!

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