Meet Anaïs, new program coordinator for caregivers & youth mental health

Hello everyone!

My name is Anaïs Fortin-Maltais. I am the new coordinator with Jeffery Hale Community Partners’ for both Caregivers’ Circle and Youth Mental Health programs. I am continuing the highly-appreciated work of Claire, who will now be able to focus entirely on our Well 50+ program, especially its related activities at McGreevy Manor. Claire has done a wonderful job with our Caregivers’ Circle program despite all the unpredictability of the last few months, and I look forward to working alongside her.

A bit about my background

As I slowly settle into my new functions, I am seeing some familiar faces, names, and places that I got to know back when I was a summer student at Saint Brigid’s Home. It is a real treat for me to be back in the English-speaking community and I embrace my new role with enthusiasm. For those of you who I haven’t yet had the chance to meet, I am a trained social worker and have focused my practice on seniors’ caregivers. Indeed, I intend to do my best to assure that our Caregivers’ Circle program is meeting your needs. In my spare time, I like to crochet, embroider, and bake. Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate one of my hobbies into our activities someday!  Feel free to read my full biography here, as well as those of my JH Partners’ colleagues.

New beginnings 

As buds bloom into flowers, spring is a great season for new beginnings. We will tap into this energy as we renew our Caregivers’ Circle services to reach caregivers both in Saint Brigid’s Home and in our community. To this end, I will spend time at two sites: At Saint Brigid’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at the community Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale Pavilion on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Feel free to come and say hello, and please don’t forget that I am here to provide you with personalized advice and support in person, by email, or by phone.  If you’d like to call me, please leave a message in my voice mail at 418-684-5333, ext. 11700, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

I would also invite you to come check out our Lending Library specifically for our caregivers, now located at Saint Brigid’s in the Volunteers’ Room at the back of the Kildare Lounge.

Stay tuned for our exciting projects. In the meantime, be sure to check out our online calendar and look for the Caregivers’ events listed in purple, along with our Well 50+ events listed in dark blue, many of which may also be of interest to you or your loved ones.

Anaïs Fortin-Maltais, Program Coordinator, Caregivers’ Circle & Youth Mental Health

Bye for now, and take care!


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