Medical Mistakes … Understanding Your Rights

Mistakes happen in every field and health care is sadly no exception. Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists are legally responsible, if their mistakes cause harm. These individuals all answer to their professional order. Click here to see a complete list (website available in French only):

If you have an issue with a member of one of these organizations, your first step would be to contact the syndic (director) of their professional order. Educaloi explains: Based on the information you provide and the results of syndic’s investigation,the syndic will decide whether or not to refer the case to the disciplinary boardof the professional order.

If a complaint is filed with an order, the disciplinary board will hear what both sides have to say and decide whether there is a good reason for the complaint. If there is, the board will determine the consequences for the professional.

To learn more about who can take action after a legal mistake, please click here: