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Father kissing baby boy sitting on toboggan

February is by far my favourite of all the winter months. I absolutely love it! February often brings blue skies, longer and brighter days, and fluffy snow, not to mention slightly warmer temperatures than January. How lucky are we to live here in the wintertime. With its overflowing agenda of winter activities, my goodness, if there is one city that does winter right, it is our belle Ville de Québec. Be sure to check out my list of what is happening around the city this month in my newsletter.

I do understand though that, just because I love getting out and playing in the snow this time of year, it might not be for everyone. ❄️ Cozying up inside on a cold winter day can be very magical and spending time with your little ones, no matter how or where, is always priceless. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to come together and connect with loved ones indoors or out.

Valentine’s Day happens on February 14th and it is a wonderful holiday to spread some joy and love with yourself and those around you.  This is a holiday when you can have a lot of fun with children and encourage some extra warm and loving feelings. Who doesn’t love extra cuddles? 😊 Why not have fun decorating or doing some crafts with your little ones? Teaching children how to draw or cut out  paper hearts (if they’re old enough for scissors) is a simple but fun craft that can easily fill the walls of your home. For younger children or babies, just pointing at the heart shape and describing many of the colours associated with Valentine’s, like red, pink or purple, can be fun too!

Not just for little ones

Remember, yes, your children are important, but it doesn’t always need to be all about them. You are important too! Maybe take the occasion of Valentine’s Day to try to give yourself a little extra care. For those of us with a sweet tooth, a few little treats and sweets can always bring a smile.

If you are in a relationship, perhaps try to make a little more time for yourselves together. I know it is not easy and we all know how rare these moments can be when we have young children. That rarity though can make these moments all that more precious. For me, something that helps make these times happen is scheduling it in my calendar in advance. That way, I can plan around and make sure to set the time aside.

I know romance can look different from what it used to pre-children but change is part of growing together as a couple and can help to bring you closer together. So go on, donne your pink, red or purple and bring on the Valentine’s Day fun!

Jessica Price, Family Matters Program Coordinator

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and month of February,

❤️ Jessica


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