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I love to cook, and I strive to make healthy meals for my family. This time of year though, I sometimes get in a bit of a food rut and lack inspiration at times. Do you ever feel like this? Don’t despair!  We have just the motivation for you, because most of our activities in March are centered around Nutrition Month in Canada.

Introducing your children to a variety of healthy and nutritious foods at a young age is a great way to reinforce good habits that will hopefully remain as they grow older. Family mealtimes are also a great way to connect with one another and promote healthy eating. The Canada Food Guide has great information on the benefits of eating meals with others.

Why not talk about it with your friends, family and colleagues to learn what they are cooking? Great meal ideas could be right at your doorstep! I also found several great ideas from Unlockfood.ca, the Fondation Olo and the Canada Food Guide.  Involving your kids in the planning and preparing of meals is a fun way to include them and could be a motivator for them to try new foods.  Check out some of the benefits of involving kids in planning and preparing meals.

Nutrition inspiration is on the menu

If you are looking for in-person inspiration, information, and tips and tricks from a qualified source, be sure to attend one of our great Wellness Centre activities in March with dietitians as guest speakers.

Jessica Price, Family Matters Program Coordinator

I understand that it can be tough for many families to get out on colder days, but I hope to cross paths with more of you in the weeks ahead. We are officially on the countdown to spring, so here’s to the warm sunny days ahead!

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