It’s Hamper time!

And just like that, I’ve finished my rookie year as Volunteer Coordinator! Over the last year, I have had the pleasure to welcome over 60 new volunteers to our “Community of Care” within the Wellness Centre and Saint Brigid’s Home.  A special welcome to everyone who joined this year, including those who have newly joined the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, and a big thanks to all of you who continue to give your volunteer support to our community in so many ways.

Welcome to another Campaign, with a fond farewell

Last year, I hit the ground running with the launch of the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, and we are already back at it for another year. What I appreciate the most about this annual initiative is the true sense of community working with so many organizations, committees, and volunteers.  We all work so hard together to bring food to households in need. Thank you to everyone involved, now or in the past.  We couldn’t do it without you!

I would like to send a special thanks and farewell to Ellie Fleming, our cherished Program Support Agent. Ellie has been an essential part of the logistics of the Campaign behind the scenes for many years. Having moved to the Outaouais region a few months ago, she recently accepted an exciting new job opportunity there.  She is still working hard right up until her last day with us, however, to make sure the Campaign gets off to a successful start. Thank you, Ellie, and best of luck.

We would like to wish Andrew Ayre a warm welcome to Jeffery Hale Community Partners.  In his role as Program Support Agent, Andrew will be involved in the Hamper Campaign, and you will undoubtedly meet him at other events and activities at the community Wellness Centre in the months to come.

How you can support the Campaign

Like the last two years, we are focusing on financial donations and fundraisers to support the cost of all of the food in the Hampers, as well as volunteer efforts to deliver them. Do you have an idea for a fundraiser? Please contact so we can talk about how we can support you and help promote your initiative.  Visit to see what’s going on so far this year.

Once again, we will not be collecting non-perishable food donations, so we do not require volunteers to sort.  There is, however, still time to sign up to “Help deliver some goodness!” See first-hand your impact as part of the Delivery Team and sign up here if you haven’t already.

I heard that even Santa uses GPS these days.  We too are asking the Driving Teams to use their own GPS system to navigate their way to the recipient’s home. If you would prefer a printed map, however, please feel free to ask me for one.  You will also notice that you will not receive a call from the friendly Calling Team, which we had set up at the start of the pandemic to remind folks about the sanitary measures in place back then.  We are still following the public safety guidelines.  As such, if you are feeling ill, we trust your good judgment to stay home  and to contact us to cancel your volunteer shift.

If you would like put your name on the back-up list to deliver Hampers to replace those who must cancel last minute, please do contact me to let me know.

Volunteer efforts are still rolling on

There are many more opportunities in these colder months to lend a helping hand, no matter your schedule.  Most volunteer activities are back in person, so please check out our WE Volunteer webpage for a list of areas in which you can make an impact in improving the well-being of so many in our community.

Elise Holloway, Volunteer Coordinator

Remember, volunteering is a feel good activity! Now is a great time to do something that gives back, just as much as you give.

Warmest wishes for the holiday season,


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