Ar3 y0u g00d wi7h numb3rs?

Are you experienced in filing your income tax? The Income Tax Program may be your volunteer niche!

The Income Tax program asks experienced volunteers to complete income tax returns for qualifying people with little or no revenue, enabling them to receive government benefits to which they are entitled such as the GST rebate, old age security and family allowance.

Income Tax program volunteers will receive access to online training sessions and an online tax program* offered free of charge to all income tax volunteers. This is a great way to get expert knowledge which you can use to help others and later bring home to complete your own. To learn more about this type of volunteering made possible by community organization Voice of English-speaking Quebec & the provincial and federal gourvernment, please read here.

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, 418-684-5333 ext. 1550. Those already registered will be contacted very shortly (mid-February).

*The income tax online system is only compatible with a PC computer.