I heart February

With the end January and the start of February comes the Lunar New Year, a holiday widely celebrated around the world. In the Chinese zodiac, 2023 represents the year of the rabbit, a symbol of optimism. In the Vietnamese zodiac, it is the year of the cat which is a symbol of good luck. After the last couple of years we’ve been through, we could sure use such positive outlooks for this year.

On that positive note, if your family has not yet managed to embrace winter, February is the month to do it. This is the most gorgeous of the winter months, in my opinion, because February often brings blue skies, longer and brighter days, and fluffy snow. And how lucky we are to live here in the wintertime. With its overflowing agenda of winter activities, my goodness, if there is one city that does winter right, it is our belle Ville de Québec.

February challenge

I am sending you a friendly challenge to get outside and enjoy these gorgeous winter days with your families. Whether it is just going for a walk with your little ones, rolling around in the snow, sledding, skating, or building a snow man or snow fort. Kids adore playing in the snow and, hey, it is pretty fun for us adults too. I understand that there is some chaos involved in getting everyone prepared for the outdoors: bathrooms runs, snacks, layers, snowsuits on, zippers up, mittens, boots, and sometimes moody little ones. It can be a painful ordeal. Believe me, I get it, but don’t you feel like once you get outside, everything kind of quiets down and everyone’s moods improve?

If you can, try to breath though the “preparation pain” for the outdoor gain. 😊  Naître et grandir has some great tips for 26 ways to enjoy winter and winter dressing for kids. If you are having trouble motivating your children to participate in your outdoor projects, try to coax them with a thermos of hot chocolate, inviting one of their friends to join in, and planning exciting activities. A great suggestion for your family or neighbourhood is the Défi château de neige, Québec’s snow fort challenge.

Jessica Price, Family Matters Program Coordinator

Looking for more winter activity ideas?  Check out my February newsletter! As always if I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am just an email away.

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