Help STOP Bullying

Did you know that… when other children intervene in bullying, more than half of the time it stops within 10 seconds?


Bullying has had increasingly high profile in recent years as people have come to understand how deeply it can wound children – and how tragic the consequences can sometimes be.

Bullying is defined as “wilful, repeated aggressive behaviour with negative intent used by a child to maintain power over another child.”

Bullying is a power struggle that is difficult to resolve without the help of an adult.

If a young person tells you someone is being bullied, listen – and take it seriously even if it seems trivial, such as name-calling. Youth usually go to adults with these problems only as a last resort.

Back to school is just around the corner. This year, talk with your child about how they can recognize and stop bullying.

Parents, guardians and adults responsible for young people, especially for ages 4 to 11 and 12 to 17, please consult the Bullying Web page to find information on how to recognize and prevent bullying.