Happy Mother’s Day, COVID-19 Style

It started out so promising, 2020, didn’t it? We all had big hopes, plans and dreams for the 365 days ahead of us. None on them included being locked down, “tele-travailing” with a toddler under the table who keeps unplugging the laptop, wearing masks, schools and daycare closing for weeks on end, being banned from the parks or having our borders closed.

Yet here we are! We’ve learned to take life slower, skillfully forage for food and toilet paper, cut our kids bangs, bake sour dough bread, incorporate yoga, dance and/or YouTube workouts into our daily family routine, and best of all we taught Great Grandmaman how to Facetime! Mamas you’re such an awesome bunch!

Some days went better than others did. Occasionally (or maybe hourly!), you wanted to fly away and leave all your little chicks far behind. But you’ve hung in there with cuddles, smiles, songs, and let’s admit it a bit more screen time than we’d all care to admit!! Some of you even let the kiddies take all the cushions off the couch to make a forts.

You all deserve a get-away weekend to a spa this Mother’s Day or even a Run-for-the-Border weekend! Alas, that’s not going to happen. So instead, we’ll celebrate at home surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

I hope your families treat you like royalty or, at the very least, to ordering a take-out meal. Try to steal away for a candle-lite bubble bath. Stream your favourite music and treat yourself to some well-deserved ME time. Dads and partners, give the mother of your kids a back rub, breakfast in bed, an undisturbed  afternoon nap or a special supper. Take some family photos to commemorate this historic moment when families all became a little closer and the air got cleaner. Hang in there and if you need to vent, laugh, cry, whatever…

New ways to help you connect in the time of COVID-19
COVID-19 is not putting a damper on our creativity in coming up with new ways to connect you with other parents of children under 5 while staying safe!  Be sure to login on May 15th for our first ever Virtual Take a Break Drop In! Goodness knows we’ve got lots of catching up to do.  Lastly, we hope you enjoy the new format of our new Family Matters e-newsletter (formerly known as Toddler Talk Online).

Photo of Jan Anderson
Greetings from Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Happy Mother’s Day, one and all!


PS – Don’t forget to call your own mom and your belle-mère on Sunday; I can assure you, they are missing y’all something terrible.

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