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If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is just how very precious human connections are. Cherished family bonds, helpful, supportive neighbours, caring friends and the strength of community have helped us all stay afloat in these trying times. COVID-19 has provided us with new ways to stay connected and lots of opportunities to lend a helping hand or listening ear to those in need.

Volunteer involvement is a great way to boost your own mental health and emotional well-being. Our EPIQ (English-speaking Parents in Quebec City) group offers interesting and imaginative opportunities to use your expertise, energy, elbow grease and/or enthusiasm in ways that will benefit the entire gang. It’s also a superb way to met new people and make some friends.

Moms and dads, step moms and step dads are all invited to join this year’s EPIQ committee for a planning session happening later in October. This team will work together to prepare a schedule of fun family/parent oriented activities for the months ahead. If you are interested in being a part of this community-boosting event, please click here for more information: EPIQ Planning Party  2020.

In addition, we’re looking for dads/stepdads/father figures of all kinds to help us ensure our Family Matters programming is inclusive and meeting the needs of guys raising kids in our region. To that end, the Wellness Centre wants to consult with our community’s father figures. We want to make our Family Matters programs better suited to the needs of guys raising kids in our region. We also would like to give you a voice and a safe place to share your thoughts.

We’re collecting names of men who would like to participate in a one-time online focus group this fall. Mardoché Mertilus, Program Manager of Programme d’Adaptation des Pratiques aux réalités Paternelles with the Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité (RVP) will be guiding us in this exercise. We’re looking for dads/step dads of newborns all the way to preteens. To participate in this community growth event, please contact our community organizer, Jan Anderson by email by October 14th.

You can all share you voice in the upcoming school board elections, provided you are fortunate enough to have the right to send your children to our English-speaking Central Quebec School Board. Follow this link to learn more about school board elections happening on November 1st.

Finally, continue to stay strong as we ride into the second wave. Keep your masks handy and be sure to visit our Coronavirus webpage to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Photo of Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson, Community Organizer

Stay safe and take good care of one another,



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