FREE Virtual Online Learning in English for those 50 plus

Would you like to keep your mind active but don’t feel like venturing out in the cold? Or perhaps  you want to encourage a senior loved one  to enjoy some interesting learning opportunities in English. You and any one 50 years or older  can now  benefit from live lectures and events, videolibrary on demand, and discussion groups offered by the Cummings Centre. To see your exciting viewing options click here:

The Cummings Centre has made it possible for English-speaking  communities across the province of Quebec to participate in their Virtual Learning Program in 2017-2018, and the CHSSN has lent its support to cover the membership and registration fees. Everything is free for all Networking Partnership Initiaves (NPIs – such as the Jeffery Hale Community Partners’ Wellness Centre in Quebec City) and their participants this winter! This even  includes the sessions that have a fee attached.

These virtual information sessions are an ideal way to bring istimulating programing to isolated seniors who are housebound for some or all of the year, and also offer an opportunity to bring English-speaking individuals together for health promotion sessions, similar to the way NPIs do  via the CHSSN CHEP videoconferences and DVDs. The Cummings Virtual Learning sessions, live and recorded, can provide an excellent at-home learning  experience.

Note: Fees for individuals are normally $25 for membership and $25 for virtual learning. Fees for organizations are $250/year. These fees are waived for 2017-2018, through the support of the CHSSN in partnership with the Cummings Centre. To learn more about how to access this program, please contact Jan Anderson, Community Organizer with Jeffery Hale Community Partners. 418 684-5333 Ext 1539 or