The Gift of Change

Hello everyone!

My name is Claire Quenville, and I am the new coordinator for both our Well 50+ and Caregivers’ Circle Programs. I am so pleased to be here and look forward to working alongside you. Whether we like it or not, or whether we are ready or not, life today is much different in ways we never expected. The speed of change today is faster that the human psyche seems able to handle. Dramatic endings and beginnings seem more prevalent that ever before.

« Birth, death, divorce, relocation, aging, career change—not to mention the fact that the world itself seems so irrevocably altered—all seem to hail, some kind of sea of change. Things we thought stable and secure seem less so, and things we thought distant possibilities have come strangely close. »

Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change.

One lesson that I have learned since the start of this pandemic is that we are resilient. We are all in this together and our experiences are very similar. We all need support and a Community of Care. Being in touch with others is the key to getting through the not-so-fun times. The only constant in life is change and resisting it makes us feel powerless. Once we begin to embrace change, we can move forward and trust that life is exactly as it should be for us at this moment.

Jan holding her photo album
Jan was so touched by her retirement scrapbook album

You may have noticed that we have also been dealing with changes in our organization. Marie-Christine Beaulieu, our former Wellness Activities Program Coordinator at Saint Brigid’s Home had begun to take-on the responsibilities for the Caregivers’ Program when our beloved Jan Anderson retired at the end of June. Since then, however, Marie-Christine has chosen to pursue a career with the CIUSSS-CN. We will be sure to cross paths with her because she will still be working at Saint Brigid’s as a unit manager. We wish her the very best!

All of this to say, I have gladly accepted and embraced this new role for the Caregivers’ Circle events and activities. My goal, first and foremost, is to listen to you. Your voice and ideas are key in helping me to provide you with meaningful information, events, and activities.

I would love to hear from you!

I would kindly ask that you take two minutes to complete this survey to help me to identify your interests and needs:

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to any older adult or caregiver in the English-speaking community to join us. Visit the sharing is caring page on our website to refer a friend, loved one, neighbour, invite them to participate in our activities and events. The more the merrier!

I will be working on-site with the tenants at McGreevy Manor two days a week. While there, I will be providing social activities, acting as a bridge and referral source between existing programs and services, as well as promoting community health initiatives for English-speaking older adults and caregivers’ in the Quebec City region.

Stay tuned for new and exciting projects that we sincerely hope will enhance and benefit your wellbeing, and be sure to check our online events calendar from time-to-time!

Claire Quenville, Program Coordinator, Well 50+ and Caregivers’ Circle

Sending you my best wishes for happy change.




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